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Hotel da Comporta
2012 (work in progress)
Comporta, Alcácer do Sal

Coordinators: Jorge Guimarães and Vera Iacchia
Interiors and Decoration: Vera Iacchia Atelier
Landscape Design: Topiaris
Collaborators: André Costa and João Santos

This project was developed after another project that had already been done and approved for the site. As the owners were reluctant on the previous project we were commissioned to develop a different idea for the whole touristic unit. Even though the former house had been enlarged several times, it was necessary to give it a new “image” now that is was going to be converted into a small “charm hotel”. Instead of linking all the rooms to the main building we decided to re-style each single building in such a way that hosts could benefit the most from the garden and from the landscape views.