Villa Branca (Indigo)
2021 (concluded)
Moncarapacho – Olhão

Architecture: Jorge Guimarães
Decoration: Rita Lacasta
Landscape: Design: Teresa Barão (Topiaris)

This was our last project in the Vilamonte Farmhouse Hotel, and it consisted on the renovation of an existing building with a much different architectural display. We implemented various changes in order to create a much charming look and at the same time to integrate this building within the architectural image of the rest of the hotel. The swimming pool and surroundings were totally renovated and around it we created a white pavement that leads to a lounge area with couches in masonry. White trellis wooden works were set on the arcades and all columns were redrawn. On the outside Eastern part of the house we displayed a more private area with a living-room area and a dining room area so that guest can benefit from various environments around the house. The garden was extended towards North allowing guests to have a diversity of outside leisure areas.