2007 (work in progress)
Alvor, Portimão

Coordination: Jorge Guimarães and André Costa
Collaborators: Natasha Leote

The Municipality of Portimão allowed a 5 star hotel to be built on the urban “zone” of the property, on South West part of the plot. We developed a project where all the rooms are facing East and that is due to the lack of interest on the surrounding area towards West, where massive buildings were erected. Topography as well as the strong winds blowing from West during the high season were determinant on this choice. The building with an almost “H” shape is integrated in such a way that it allows many different outside spaces at different heights. The connection between the 2 main volumes is done through another lower volume where we placed the SPA as well as a long terrace facing South. The pool and garden play an essential role in the whole unit.