Café Império Restelo
2012 (concluded)
Restelo – Lisboa

Coordinator: Jorge Guimarães
Co- author: André Costa
Light Design: Simona Iucci

The Café Império Restelo is a work where we collaborated with 2 publicity agencies “Mosca” from Manuel S. Oliveira and the “Equipa” from Mário Mandacarú. Or main goal was to achieve a new contemporary “look” that would connect both floors of the shop giving it a different identity. The walls and ceiling were left with its original raw surface. We used a modular scheme on the main wall, where elements were assembled casually. There the different sized stripes of mirrors reflect the colors of the leaves of the Platanus’s trees on the outside sidewalk. The environmental light blurs from hidden sources and decorative lights were specially designed by Simona Iucci.