Fábrica da Pólvora de Barcarena
Zona da Entrada e Pátio do Enxugo
1995 – 2000 (concluded)
Barcarena – Oeiras

Coordinator: Pedro F. Pinto (JAPFP-Arquitectos)
Colaborator: João Pedro Cabral and Jorge Guimarães
Landscape: Design: Francisco C. Cabral
Engineering: Paulo Eiró (CEL)

This project resulted from a competition done by the Oeiras Municipality. The iconic and imponent architectural structure had been closed for many years and its rehabilitation was necessary. Due to its vast extension along the Ribeira de Barcarena the “Fábrica da Pólvora” has various plans built throughout the centuries. Our intervention hosts the entrance area, a restaurant, a bar, 2 multifunctional buildings and an opened air auditorium. The “Patio do Sol” has a sundial with a “meridiana” carved on the stone, and a memorial was built to honor the victims of the explosions that happened throughout the years. The works were held in 2 different stages. Special attention was given to the metal design works in order to emphasize the archeological industrial “character” of the site. The dark grey metal screen contrasts with the high thick walls in the auditorium of the “Patio do Enxugo”.