House in Vila Franca
Vila Franca de Xira
Coordination: JAPFP arquitectos
Collaborators: Jorge Guimarães and Susana Q. Baroros

This was a very challenging project where we decided to propose a volume that would be partially buried on the mountain. The implantation had to be done in a location where there was a big slope. We had many possibilities in order to advance with one solution and that was a hard choice we had to make. Meanwhile those were my early years in that studio and I believed that this conceptual approach, by burying the construction would be the best and fortunately I managed to convince the coordinator about my ideas. We put the project in motion and after its approval by the municipality we still had to do some adaptations around the house regarding its aesthetics and regarding some corrections on ground modulation around it, but in the end both the clients and us where very much satisfied with the final result.