MIT – Museu da Indústria Textil
2017 – Competition (honorable mention)
Vila Nova de Famalicão

Coordinator: Jorge Guimarães
Colaborator: João Carranca and Pedro Paredes

The project consists on the adaptation of most of the existing structures but at the same time proposes a new building that doesn’t “touch” the banks and which allows to have an exterior area along the river side over the old channel of the old factory. The Museum is developed around a big central double floor court and visitors have outside spaces along the exhibition. The outside gate was kept in the same place and a big staircase is done to invite the residents and visitors to a new public area and have a “promenade” by the water. The bridge erupts from the square created between the 2 main volumes. Vehicles where driven away from the main intervention zone by using an articulated solution based upon the existing road and terraces.