Vilamonte Farm House Hotel– Lobby Market
2014 – 2015 (concluded)
Moncarapacho – Olhão

Architecture: Jorge Guimarães
Decoration: Vera Iachia
Landscape: Design: Teresa Barão (Topiaris)

The Lobby Market is the entrance building of the Vilamonte Farm House Hotel. The existing building was totally transformed in order to created an “unique atmosphere”. The big metallic fire place in the middle invites the guests to share the fire along the round benches while all activity in the kitchen of the restaurant “À Terra” can be watched through the fire proof glass structure. The reception desk, the boards around the central pizza oven as well as most of the furniture outside and inside the building is done in masonry. The pavement was had drawn on site, on purpose, with different themes for each area. A holed brick grid screen was designed for the main entrance in order to create an outer entrance for the guests covered by “bouganviles”.