Rua da Regueira 1
Alfama, Lisboa

Coordinator: Jorge Guimarães
Colaborator: João Carranca
Engineering: Pedro Crespo (Entrelógica)
3D Modeling: Pedro Paredes

This project was developed in straight coordination with the Lisbon Municipality. The building was bought on an auction and the owner wasn’t allowed to make any changes in the building it was a construction dated before the Lisbon earthquake in 1755. However due to its advanced state of ruin we where forced to partially demolish it. This led us to a profound change in the interior and allowed to stick to a new program. Based upon an old picture from 1896 we were able to give the building a “look” even older, through a different drawing of the windows. A concrete reinforcement of the contiguous buildings was needed and a new galvanized steel structure was placed on each floor.