The 20th Century Museum
2017 (competition)

Coordinator: Jorge Guimarães
Colaborators Co-authoring: João Carranca, Pedro Arrobas and José Amorim
Landscape Design: Teresa Barão (Topiaris)

Our concept consisted on building that could be reached by visitors in such a way that public space would enter the 2heart2 of the plot in different levels creating many possible circuits. In the main façade the building held 7 different volumes all connect as one.
Due to the program constraints we developed a solution where visitors could enter the building through all sides. Along the main central axis 3 outside squares with irregular geometries mark its presence at different levels allowing a visual connection between the Neue Nationalgalerie and the Berlin Philharmonie. The door is the only opening on the main facade and there the public is directly invited to go down to the main foyer where natural light enters through various openings and where they can access all the areas of the museum.