Restaurant in Guia
2021 (work in progress)
Guia – Albufeira

Coordinator: Jorge Guimarães
Colaborator: João Carranca and Pedro Paredes
Engineering: Termoflux

This is a very challenging project that is starting to be developed and that has many legal restrictions. It is located in an old part of a small village that has grown “wildly” due to it’s strategic location. The lack of an efficient town planning together with real estate speculators has, unfortunately, adulterated the look of this traditional village! Our target was to preserve the identity of the existing constructions one of which is risking total collapse and at the same time create a piece of vernacular architecture where visitors can benefit from the the view towards the historical small “Capela da Guia” right across the road. The residential units will be adapted to a medium size restaurant adapted in various levels. A cloister with an old Olive Tree to be planted in the middle will enhance the outside terrace.