La Barca House
2021 (work in progress)
Sesmarias – Guia

Coordinator: Jorge Guimarães
Colaboration: Pedro Paredes and João Carranca

Located on a small plot area, this project doesn´t change the overall existing areas but it alters its outside spaces radically as there were some big scale arches around the house that didn’t allow to display furniture around the house once these spaces worked as corridors. We proposed its destruction and the owners allowed it thus being allowed to create a beautiful “pergola” divided in to parts; one for the table area and another with the lounge area. A perforated brick wall structure was place in the garden in order to create a separation from the parking area as it is too near from the house. The swimming pool was restyled with new coating and a “sensual” low wall with a water spout. A barbecue area was created between the table’s area and the pool. On the interior we demolished a wall in order to expand the kitchen towards the living room adapting the house to nowadays needs.