Concurso Hotel Monte d’Oiro
Torres Vedras

Architecture: Jorge Guimarães
Gonçalo C. Silva
Colaborator: João Carranca e André Machado

Monte d’Oiro Competion

Beyond Golden Amphictyonis*
Beyond Monte D’Oiro
*/ in Greek mythology is a goddess of wine and friendship between nations, a local form of Demeter.

Quinta do Monte D’Oiro develops around a central outdoor patio with the distribution of buildings around this it. These buildings are directly connected and involved in the production of wine. The long “patio” has an excellent almost east-west orientation, and an urban entrance with the vineyards as a screen.
Throughout history we have witnessed that the agglomerations develop around an important building, in our case, a rural village dedicated to viticulture, with a tradition in the cultivation of vines, Quinta Monte D’Oiro will be the one that should boost this small community.
Among other features we used perforated brick wall structures to enhance the entrances. They are done with a special format that allows much transparency, and at the same time they project light and shade during the course of the day, creating many dynamic and different “scenarios”. At night these “screen-light” structures are illuminated artificially.